Kyle Taylor

Review: Kyle Taylor – ‘Things Said’

I have always had a long term love affair with the rawness of demo recordings. It is able to express the musician in the purest way possible. If you share the same love as me, then you will love the music and lyrics of Mr Kyle Taylor.

After performing and writing for many years now he has been constantly recording his songs using the voice demos app on his phone or iPad. In July releasing the first batch of songs of this form, ‘THINK’ was a perfect demonstration of how you don’t have to be backed by a huge 7 piece band and a studio and producer, but just a song, guitar and your mobile phone.

Once again Kyle is back with another stunning track called ‘Things Said’. A raw, two minute masterpiece which fits in so many aspects of the life that Kyle has lived and of those around him. To demonstrate this, the song is accompanied by a music video of compiled footage from his travels on the road. While also discussing the various ups and downs of his life as well. ‘Ive been raised/I’ve been brought down.’ This track is a perfect example of what most people go through in modern life. The production of the track complements the song, similar to the works of Passenger.

We hope to hear more music from Kyle later this year. But in the meantime go to his Bandcamp and download ‘THINK’ and keep an eye out for the release of ‘Things Said’ next month.

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