Beth Shalom Records is a Genre-Fluid Label based in London, UK. Formed in 2014 by musician Joe Booley to only release his and his friends' music and has since worked with over 40 artists across 100+ releases. Having worked with the likes of Raketkanon, Rosehip Teahouse, itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Don't Worry, Lowercase Noises, You Could Be A Cop, Losing Sleep, Petlib., Death By Shotgun and many more. 

In 2018, alongside friends, Rose Coloured Records, Beth Shalom Records formed the DIY Collective, Let's Stop Hanging Out DIY, to run shows across the south of UK for the likes of Telliison, Haggard Cat, Youth Man, Alcopop Records and more. LSHO has now been intergrated into Beth Shalom Records to offer show promotions in the South of the UK, Tour Booking and Artist Management.

To celebrate their 6th Birthday in 2020, Beth Shalom announced they had become Eco-Friendly and Carbon Neutral through their work with NMT to support smallhold farmers plant Macadamia Trees in Malawi. We also use all recyleable/biodegradable packaging with our orders and even go as far as ensuring we work with the right supplier that fit with our ethos.


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